Name James
Color Red
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Gooball
Allies Duke, Elizabeth, Hercules
Quote "Duke!"

James is the character who is a red gooball.


James tries to tell Duke about the eagle. The eagle comes and eat Duke, but James was crying too sad. When Elizabeth comes and help James to protect the gang. Shelley tries to tell James why did the eagle ate Duke. He was very obsessive about Duke but he was eaten by the eagle. Lyle tries to give James a blueberry pie with cherries, but he ate a whole pie together and now he will make a big burp. And the gang laughs so ridiculous, but Elizabeth says "It was absolutely impossible!", and he went inside the garbage can and he saw a banana peel and James puts it on and James jumps out of the garbage can and he looks at the gang and says "Look at me!". But they tries to laugh so hard. Shelley tries to use a vacuum for a banana peel, Christopher and Lyle will get trapped. Mertock comes and see James and Elizabeth and James followed Mertock and see the deep hole, and he comes and see Benny and he talks about the flower that is carnivorous to each other, so he tried to get the explosive for the flower to be destroyed, but James thinks it was contemptuous. When he saw the bush and hears something sneaky, and Hercules came out of the bush. He talks to Oliver when James wants Oliver to use a knife to cut the string and they fall to their apparent deaths.


James has red skin and he is the little gooball.